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Clean, safe and high-performance material solutions for a healthy life
As the healthcare industry is expanding at a rapid pace to help people lead healthy and happy lives, manufacturers are accelerating the development of related devices and achieving technological advances. At the same time, regulations on such devices and technologies are also getting strengthened. In particular, medical materials are required to secure more reliable quality and material properties because their direct contact with human body is closely related with hygiene and safety issues. LOTTE Chemical offers a wide range of material solutions lineups with superior chemical resistance, impact resistance and biocompatibility certification in a way that meets the specific needs of customers with solutions optimized for stringent global regulations.

Let us introduce LOTTE Chemical’ unique material solution lineup for sterilization purpose with excellent chemical resistance, impact trength, dimensional stability and biocompatibility -- a set of features needed for safe medical devices.

Key Features

  • Biocompatibility
    (ISO 10993-1,
    USP Class VI)
  • Food Contact Compliance
    (FDA, EN10)
  • Sterilization
    e-beam, EtO)
  • Chemical
  • Clarity
    & Transparency
  • Practical
    Impact Strength



EtO & Steam Sterilization "ML"

  • - INFINO® PC ML-1010R

    ASTMProperty ISOProperty MSDS
  • - INFINO® PC ML-1020R

    ASTMProperty ISOProperty MSDS

Gamma-ray Sterilization "MR"

  • - INFINO® PC MR-1005

    ASTMProperty ISOProperty MSDS
  • - INFINO® PC MR-1015

    ASTMProperty ISOProperty MSDS
  • - INFINO® PC MR-1020

    ASTMProperty ISOProperty MSDS
  • - starex® ABS MR-0130

    ASTMProperty ISOProperty MSDS
  • ASTM Property
  • ISO Property
  • MSDS



Case study

INFINO® Flame retardant PC/ABS NH-1033 for oxygen concentrator

INFINO® Flame retardant PC/ABS, NH-1033 maintains balance not only excellent flame retardancy and high modulus but also impact resistance. At the same time, the material offers excellent moldability to ensure surface quality. It is a high-quality material solution for home medical equipment like a oxygen concentrator.


INFINO® High flowability EtO sterilization PC ML-1020R for Dialyzer Filter

INFINO® PC ML-1020R has secured flowability and dimensional stability, It can make complex structures. This material has secured USP Class VI certification to prevent infections that can occur when it handles the circulation of blood. It maintain transparency and material properties after EtO sterilization treatment.


INFINO® Gamma-ray sterilization PC MR-1005 for three-way stop cock

INFINO® PC MR-1005 is a product optimized for the three-way stop cock, It has strengthened pressure resistance and valve operability. It reduces the degradation of material properties and color changes during gamma-ray sterilization while using non halogen raw materials. Besides, it has secured USP Class VI certification.